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Why We Study Afghanistan?


Afghanistan was once a peaceful and prospering kingdom. In fact, Afghanistan once provided aid to Japan. However, after a coup and a destructive ten-year Soviet invasion, the nation was destroyed and made poor. Research by Paul Collier et al. shows that the poorer the country, the more likely civil war is to occur and the longer it typically lasts. Civil war, in turn, makes a country poorer, meaning that each civil war makes the risk of another future civil war even greater. Nations like Afghanistan, if not supported, can become stuck in this conflict trap.


Peace abroad is in all of our best interests. Conflict abroad can result in the spread of disease, the increase in opportunities to produce narcotics, and the flow of refugees, as well as prevent access to important resources in those nations. All of these problems can affect us in Japan no matter where in the world the conflict is happening.


As such, we aim to help, from a grassroots level, Afghanistan to escape its conflict trap.

History and Geography of Afghanistan


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