Wakana Kaneko - 兼子和花奈


山梨県立大学 総合政策学科3年 兼子和花奈です。


My name is Wakana Kaneko, a third-year student in the Department of Policy Studies at Yamanashi Prefectural University.



I am interested in "Peace Studies" and enrolled at this university to study under Associate Professor Jason Pratt. Under his supervision, I am learning about the systems in which conflicts occur and how to evaluate projects in conflict areas. In addition, my areas of specialization are international relations in the Middle East, refugees, and international law, and I am eager to learn more about them.

All the members are working together to find and spread "the first step toward peace that we can take" with people living in Yamanashi Prefecture. I wish that Afghanistan will once again have a wonderful "spring (Bahar)" with beautiful flowers blooming.