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Bahar Yamanashi is pictured in International Development Journal - 国際開発ジャーナルで我々が出ました!

The October 2022 edition of International Development Journal featured an article on Ashraf Baburi, a friend of Bahar Yamanashi. As part of the article, it described his visit to Yamanashi where he was the guest chef at our August cooking event. Members of Bahar Yamanashi and guests at the event are pictured on page 69 with Mr. Baburi and our group and Jason, our chairperson, are profiled within.


Jason and Yutaro Nakamura meet with H.E. Ambassador Abdali

Jason and Yutaro Nakamura, representing Bahar Yamanashi, met with H.E. Ambassador Shaida Mohammad Abdali at the Embassy of Afghanistan in Tokyo on September 23, 2022. Jason and Yutaro explained about Bahar Yamanshi's goals and activities along with the seminar on increasing world peace taught at Yamanashi Prefectural University. H.E. the ambassador kindly praised the activities and offered to cooperate if ways are found.


Asahimaru's Youtube channel feature! - 山梨県の天才のYoutuberのあさひまる君は我らの料理教室のビデオを作った!

Check out Asahimaru's great video about the Afghan cooking class we did! (Japanese only)

8月にアフガニスタン 料理教室がありました。あさひまると言う面白いYoutuberがビデオを作ってくらました。見て、笑って、習ってください :)

Yamanashi Nichi Nichi Shimbun Coverage - 山梨日日新聞に出ました!

Yamanashi Nichi Nichi Shimbun kindly wrote about our organization on March 18, 2022. Furthermore, the paper advertised both of our recent events the day before each.

活動報告を更新しました。どうぞご覧ください。 活動報告

New Activities - 活動報告を更新しました

New Activities News are available. Please check them out. Activities

活動報告を更新しました。どうぞご覧ください。 活動報告

Bahar Yamanashi Weekly Meeting #1 - 定例ミーティング1

On January 17th 2022, we held weekly meeting online.


We submitted some documents - 関係書類を提出しました。

On February 8th 2022, we submitted some documents to the Kofu city hall and the Yamanashi Prefectural government office.